Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dublin and London

dublin river 3

dublin river 2

dublin bridge 3

dublin bridge 2

dublin bridge

These elephants were EVERYWHERE in London. It's basically the same concept as the bears in K-Town, people buy the animals, the money goes to charity. My thinking...why not make all of the elephants piggy banks and place them though out the city. Don't you think they would make more money that way because of all the tourist traffic?
trafalgar elephants

The queen is in there!
the queen

Erin and me with Big Ben
e&e big ben

Tower Bridge from the Ferry Cruise
tower bridge

The tunnel under the Thames River
thames tunnel

Can't wait to go back, although, I am not all that impressed with English or Irish beer. I can only drink so much Guinness and warm beer(in England) takes some getting used to.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Photo Dump

Project 365 -83

Project 365 -84

Project 365 -85

Project 365 -86

Project 365 -87

Project 365 -88

Project 365 -89

Project 365 -84

Project 365 -85

Project 365 -86

Project 365 -87

Project 365 -88

Project 365 -89

Project 365 -90

Project 365 -91

Project 365 -92

Project 365 -94

Project 365 -95

Monday, April 5, 2010

March 13th
Yee Haw letterpress type
Project 365 -73

March 14th
John from Harper's(?) rocking the Dora the Explorer bike on the pump track wall ride. I couldn't even make it around the pump track, so this feat is most impressive.
Project 365 -74

March 15th
The hood ornament from an old Studebaker that is parked down the street.
Project 365 -75

March 16th
Belt.Drive. - not available on the Trek 2nd District but Dave made it happen.
Project 365 -76

March 17th
Brooke "frequent flyer" Novak's kitty, Raven, caught playing in the window when I went to check in.
Project 365 -77

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Next 5 Days

Fun with shadows. Look closely!
Project 365 -68

Project 365 -69

Could it PLEASE stop raining???
Project 365 -70

Night time stroll with the pup and the boy.
Project 365 -71

It's gonna be a bad day when Eleanor gets shut in the dryer because we don't know she's in there.
Project 365 -72

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 3rd - March 7th

March 3rd
We finally had nice weather and no rain in Knoxville, so we decided to head to the Ocoee to do a long, hard ride. Once we hit the forest service roads, we started running into several inches of snow and eventually, hard packed ice. 5 of 7 riders busted their booties before deciding that it would really suck to ride back up the giant descent we were starting down. The goal was 65 miles but we ended up settling for 40ish (which everyone ended up being really happy with except for my dad who went out for a couple more hours)
Project 365 -57

March 4th
Project 365 -64

March 5th
Dear breakfast, I love you.
Project 365 -65

March 6th
T.P.(or asswipe as Brooke calls it) Everybody needs it!!
Project 365 -66

March 7th
Project 365 -67

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feb 25 - March 2

Feb 25th
Local beer provider to all things cycling, Jeremy Walker, runs the trivia game at Barley's.
Project 365 -58

Feb 26th
It's the ceiling fan. I was desperate.
Project 365 -59

Feb 27th
Fencing at the Historic Knoxville Cemetery.
Project 365 -60

Feb 28th
Sock monkey slippers are ready for bed.
Project 365 -61

March 1st
Green velvet cupcakes from Magpies in honor of St. Patty's day. (wow, my pics are way off, because I know this one is actually from the 5th. Guess I need to edit more often)
Project 365 -62

March 2nd
Letterpress type from YeeHaw.
Project 365 -63

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feb 20 - Feb 24

My dates got all kind of screwed up, so these pictures may or may not have been taken on this particular day...

Feb 20
Todd climbs up the second climb on the Mt. Larry ride in Oliver Springs, TN. It had finally warmed up in Knoxville that day (whatever day that was), but there was still a good bit of snow on the ground at the higher elevations.
Project 365 -51

Feb 21
Took 3 crazy dogs and a Dave to Cherokee to run off some steam. The dog Nazis were out in full force, so we waited until almost dark to let them off the leashes. No tickets!
Project 365 -52

Feb 22
Haribo gummy bears are SOOOO good.
Project 365 -53

Feb 23
Dog sitting for Mom - Austin (on the right) is too good to sleep on the floor.
Project 365 -54

Feb 24
Gettin' creative in the kitchen
Project 365 -55