Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dublin and London

dublin river 3

dublin river 2

dublin bridge 3

dublin bridge 2

dublin bridge

These elephants were EVERYWHERE in London. It's basically the same concept as the bears in K-Town, people buy the animals, the money goes to charity. My thinking...why not make all of the elephants piggy banks and place them though out the city. Don't you think they would make more money that way because of all the tourist traffic?
trafalgar elephants

The queen is in there!
the queen

Erin and me with Big Ben
e&e big ben

Tower Bridge from the Ferry Cruise
tower bridge

The tunnel under the Thames River
thames tunnel

Can't wait to go back, although, I am not all that impressed with English or Irish beer. I can only drink so much Guinness and warm beer(in England) takes some getting used to.


Erin said...

Those pictures look amazing!!!

Sharon Thompson said...

Thanks for posting! Love your pics. Glad you had fun!

Maureen said...

gorgeous pics Bits! glad you had a good time. beer is good no matter what btw. take that from someone who can't drink it right now!!!! ;)

Tim said...

WOW! those are amazing shots, you're getting really good! Some of those would make great postcards =)